The Night Series

Hi there, unknown reader! I thought I’d come along and give you some details about my Night series. It begins several months after the world has fallen to a plague, obviously. Three friends reunite in the first book, Moans in the Night. This book is actually two books in one because we get Isadora’s story in the first part, the part where she finds out living with two very hot men can produce some very wild fantasies. In part two a new lady comes along, Zyana, and the story continues to get, well, just a tad bit wilder.

In Sounds of the Night, the story continues on, life continues, despite losses. New people are met and we learn that the really bad things aren’t the living dead. A new book in the series is already in the works so keep an eye out for it.

I wanted to give one detail that I keep seeing…this series is NOT about romance WITH a zombie, it’s about love finding a way, DESPITE zombies. So, if you’re on the fence because of that notion, get on the reading side of that fence immediately. There is no zombie sex, because seriously, that’s just ew! But there is love, there is exploration, and there is adventure between some very human people. 🙂

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