Review of a Ghostly Female Horror Writer’s Work

Yesterday I spent my down time reading a rather intriguing little number called “The Haunting of Winchester Mansion.” In a sentence, I will be buying the next installment because I have to know what happened! I have to know what will happen!

I’m not the kind to give spoilers so I won’t go into too much but I love Alexandria Clarke’s characters! The big question, though, is…was it horror?

That was the question I went to sleep trying to answer.

That started an internal debate about what is horror, a debate I’ve had often with myself and others. Some think of horror as the bloodbaths, murder, and running from monsters.

I think of horror as being afraid, afraid of moving because someone is standing over you and you have no idea who it is; friend or foe? I define horror as the tiny things that mess with your mind, a psychological mindgame that leaves you a drooling puddle in a corner.

But, I also define it as a thriller, suspense, and the inescapable bloodbaths left behind by monsters. Horror, then, is subjective.

Was this book horror? Without the bloodbaths and monster, I’d say no. There are a few attempts at jump-scares which I don’t think equate well on a page. Is there an increasing level of fear, uncertainty, and the possibility that the female lead is losing her mind, which in itself is its own horror? Oh yes, there’s a lot of that.

In all, I’d say give it a read, especially if you can find it for free. It kept me reading, even when I should have gone to sleep so it can’t have been bad. I fall asleep to the bad ones! 🙂

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