Witches, and Vampires, and Psychics! Review or Be Damned?

In my continuing quest for female horror authors I’ve found my next subject. Today I decided that my criteria would be:

  1. An unreviewed female author in the horror genre.
  2. Basically, that was it. The female authors at the front of the Free Horror Top 100 all had 90+ reviews and didn’t really look like horror to me.
  3. I, again, did not read the blurb, I just chose the first female author with no reviews.

Hands Full of Shadows by Jennifer J. Bull was the first one meeting that criteria. A stray glance revealed the words vampire and psychic so I know those are in this little bundle of surprise!

I’m truly starting to wonder at Amazon’s little bots. Those little creatures that go through and algorhythmically decide where a book belongs, what genre it goes in. I’ve seen one huge mistake this week that could be damaging to an author and today I’ve seen books in the horror genre that I really don’t think belong there. The question I’m left with is, did the author do that or do the bots?

The other question I have is, how long is this book and will it be any good? I hope so! 🙂


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