Juniper Hart’s Dragon Desire (.99 Right Now)

I came across Juniper Hart a couple of months ago, and thought I’d see what’s she’s done since then. A hot little number that I’m sure you’d love so check it out over here.

A forbidden wish. A dragon prince. A fairy who could change everything.

Lennox Parker has had enough of his brother, Wilder’s, power-tripping games. They are all ruling dragons after all, even though Wilder thinks of himself as the leader. Pressures are mounting both in the Hollows and on the Sunside of the earth, making Lennox desperate for a change.

When a pixie named Mira chances upon him, he expects awkwardness after dismissing her following a one-night stand. Instead, she offers him an opportunity of a lifetime: one forbidden wish.


Gia Cirone works three horrible jobs to afford a rundown apartment in the Trenches. To make matters worse, she loathes confrontation and cannot stick up for herself.

A seemingly arbitrary encounter one night brings her to the palace where she is swept away by the newly-crowned dragon prince. Their attraction to each is more than love – it’s destiny. But a dark secret and a sinister ploy make it impossible for them to be together.

Can Lennox and Gia ever find true happiness, or will they have to part ways knowing they can never be together?

If you love dragon shifter romances, bad boys, and alphas who know how to take charge, then you will love Dragon Desire.

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes and lots of sexy shifters. Intended for 18+ audiences.

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