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Maxine’s Halloween is interrupted, first by teenagers after the party of the century, and then by a vampire. When you’re a ghost, very little scares you, and Maxine is just surprised he can see her. After 19 years of loneliness, Beau the vampire comes along and changes everything.

Beau comes into her life with the promise that she can heal old wounds and find a new life. If she’s brave enough to hold out her hand and take a chance, that is.

Haunted is volume one of the Miranda’s Quickies series that will feature paranormal stories that are around 10,000 words in length. Quick little books to fill that spare moment, that will bring hope, love, and passion into your life. A happily ever after, without a cliffhanger, is always guaranteed with this series, so open up the pages, and find that awesome break you needed!

**As always, Miranda’s work contains some bad language and content that should be read by adults that don’t mind such things only.

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