Female Horror Authors, Are Their Books Any Good?

Now, before everybody gets all offended, I’m a female. I write romance with a horror twist, so please don’t think I’m picking on anyone. After a friend of mine asked me to write an article for a spotlight he was doing on female authors, I’ve kind of had the idea stuck in my head that women face a backlash in the genre.

I had a look today, in the free list on Amazon’s horror list, and there is a female at number one on the Horror Suspense list! Hooray! I trawled through a few pages of of the list, male, male, male, a woman writing about a male, more males. Yeah, it’s fairly male dominated.

Then I went through all of the other things people tell us cause people to rush out to buy a book. Is the cover gorgeous? Well, some of them are eyecatching, but I am one of those oddballs that simply don’t buy books for their covers. I have one caveat here…if the author creates their book cover through Kindle and doesn’t even bother to change the colors of the template they’ve chosen, I don’t look at it. Artistic or not, that person should at least TRY to make their book stand out. I know, that’s a bit contradictory of me but what can I say? I have a few standards!

This lack of interest makes me think the person is either too lazy to find out how to change colors on the templates, or they simply care more about getting a book out in the hope that someone buys it than actually making a book someone will LOVE. At least find a decent picture to put on the front! Otherwise, I am not sold by covers. I’ve read some books with brilliant covers that left me wondering if the author wrote their book in crayon during playtime at daycare. Others have had some rather boring covers that have left me stunned.

So, I’ve decided on a new course for my little blog here. In between news, the occasional post about crocheting or other matters I deem important, I’m going to start “reviewing” books. By female authors.

I have no set criteria at the moment. I’m a romance author so I should probably focus on that but I love the horror genre as well. A lot. My main goal is to have a look at the female writers, in general, that focus on horror, whether it be a romantic story or not.

As of right now I’ve ordered “The Haunting of Winchester Mansion: Book 0” by Alexandria Clarke. Wish me luck and I’ll be back by Friday with a review… 🙂


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