Are You Looking For Online Work?

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It’s not my normal post, but I thought I’d hand out some information. It’s not going to be anything fancy or technical, I’m only writing it to give some advice and pass along things I’ve learned over the years. I can’t guarantee you’ll find work online, or that you’ll love it, or that it will be worth your time, but I do know there are jobs available online.

As most of you know, I started my journey as a freelance worker online. With this Covid 19 virus forcing a lot of people indoors, and making it impossible to work, I know that many people will be in the same position I was all those years ago. I pushed my way up the ladder and now I write books and plots, edit, and manage projects for quite a few clients. In between that work, I write for myself. I’m a busy girl, but I started at the very bottom.

I don’t know if there are referral codes for any of these places, and don’t care. That’s not what I’m interested in. I’m only passing along ideas/places that might ease some of your worries and help you out in the long run.

While I’m not a huge fan of Upwork they are one of the leaders in the online job market. I don’t like their fees. On top of that, you have to watch out for scams. If a client tells you that you need to buy software to work for them, or that you have to buy certain equipment, report them as scammers, because that’s what they are. Look at review ratings of clients, because they get reviews too. It’s a good place to start, even if I do hate their fees.

Then there’s Freelancer. I’ve never worked for them, never been paid through them, but that’s mainly because I’ve got enough work at the moment, thank you. I’ve heard good and bad. Check them out and read everything carefully before you make a decision, as you should with all of these places.

Finally, there’s Fivver. I’ve never worked for them either, but I have been a client of quite a few people on there. I don’t know what the pay is like, or the fees, but I know there are a lot of categories for work, so have a look there too.

I’m not able to give a lot of information about two of the three places I’ve recommended, but I do know they exist. I also know that, despite my thoughts on their fees, these are legitimate companies that will allow you to be paid if you are left stuck without employment. You may have to wait for a certain amount to be in your account before you are paid, or pay fees to get paid into a bank account or Paypal account, but you will get paid if you do the work.

I’d like to add that it’s not just writing/editing/digital picture manipulation (ie. book covers), there are hundreds of categories for work. Some are entry-level, some require more experience. You’ll have to spend some time building a profile, getting verified (at least by Upwork), and then you’ll have to trawl through thousands of job listings, but you might find something that will tide you over until you can get back to your day job. Have a look, see what you think, and as always, I hope you have a beautiful day, because we all deserve one, right?


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