What Inspires You?

I am a very bad painter, a so-so crocheter, a terrible knitter, and a good flaw in your logic pointer-outer. If there’s an easier way to do something, I can find it in an instant. Sometimes we’re so busy looking at the trees, we can’t see the pine needles on the forest floor, or the flower that grow in the virtual darkness beneath at the foot of the trees. The fungi that grow on fallen limbs is missed, and the way the light bends as it meets the barrier of tree bark goes unnoticed. Where some can only see the fact that the forest would be brighter if we cut a few of those tress out, I see that the darkness has created its own ecosystem that would falter if one aspect was changed. These are the things that inspire me.

My walls are covered with very bad art that I painted, but I put them up because I painted them for a reason. Something inspired me to paint a field of poppies, the magic of paint poured on a canvas squishing around into alien planets fascinated me. I painted an orange tree to remind me of my Annie and how much I adored her before she died. She loved the orange groves, and running in them as her long ears flapped in the wind. I have a couple that are unfinished, because I lack the technical skill to do what I’d planned to do, but I’ll go back to them one day. Or scrape the paint off and start again.

Whether it’s painting, crocheting, or writing, I always look for inspiration in the world around me. If a song doesn’t spark a new thought that lets me write a sentence that stopped me because I was unsure of how to write it, I’ll look for pictures. The one above comes from pixabay, a place where you can find images that are free for commercial use. There are some talented people there, you can check it out yourself here. That specific link takes you to the page for the picture above. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

So tell me, what inspires you? Where do you turn when you can’t get the words right, or you want to start a new project but can’t think of what to do?

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