What’s Been Happening?


A lot has happened, actually. We moved, I’ve published more stories, and life has totally changed. We’re in a new town, in a new house, and learning to live a different lifestyle. Instead of being in the country, we’re in a town now, and that makes life fairly different. It’s been storming here in Portugal, a lot. That’s good for when the summer comes and the rain stops, but not so good right now. It has made for some splendid scenery though.

I’ve published the updated version of Bear Club, and Sabina’s story came next, and soon, I’ll get the third book in that series out. I might even have some hair left when I’m done with it, after all of this, haha. Check them out over on Amazon, if you’d like to, or don’t, as always, that’s up to you! Take care, and see you again soon, I hope!

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