Privacy Policy

This website uses cookies, logs IPs, and if you put your email address into the signup form, you’ll probably get a few emails from me.

I’m not sure if this site actually does anything with IPs, but it might and because of the rules, you have to know that. Although, by now, I’m sure you do because every site on Internet is now required to comply with GDPR by May 25, 2018, even if we aren’t citizens of the EU. So there, I made a privacy policy. I won’t be doing anything illegal with any information that is automatically gathered by Word Press or any other entity that may or may not be a part of this website. You enter at your own risk.

By remaining on this site you acknowledge that you’re OK with the fact that I may or may not use your information to contact you. I use legit businesses to handle my, er, business, so your information is as safe as it can be. But then, even the US government has f-ed up and lost control of private personal information of US soldiers. With that in mind, I’ll say this, your personal information is as safe as it is anywhere on the Internet. You’re on the Internet for goodness’ sake, how safe do you really think your information is when huge corporations can’t protect data? Nothing is safe here. I’ll do my best to protect your information but yeah, I can’t guarantee anything.

You can contact me at mirbailey@outlook.com if you have further questions. Below, there may or may not be further information about other stuff that pertains to this new load of boll…I mean law.

What will I do with the information gathered by this site? Probably nothing, I have nothing to do with the information Word Press gathers and wouldn’t have a clue as to go about how to log your IPs or send you cookies. Unless you want me to mail you some cookies that may or may not be stale by the time you get them in your mailbox.

How will I gather it? I personally won’t.

How will I gather email addresses? Well, when you click on that part of my site that says “signup” or something similar and you put in your email address in the box, then tick that long list of tick boxes that are there that cover every possible use I might make use of, one day, in a galaxy far, far away, and then click subscribe, you’ve subscribed to my daily newsletter. You’ll get emails. I know, shocker, right?

How will I protect it? By using legitimate companies that are far better versed in data protection than I am. I’m a writer, not a data protection lawyer.

What happens if you ask to be forgotten? I will forget you. If there’s any information stored on my computer, I’ll delete, but at this juncture in time, I don’t store any of that information, the platform I used to send my newsletter does that. They have implemented protections to ensure you are totally forgotten. Just remember, that means if you sign up AGAIN, you’ll get emails, AGAIN, so don’t come crying to me about why are you getting emails again. You signed up again, that’s the only way. Because now we can’t store the emails of those that no longer want to be a part of the site, we have no way of being able to ensure you haven’t already unsubscribed once. So yay, GDPR.

You have rights too, I apparently don’t, but you totally do. I will only collect information that is given to me, I won’t force you to give it to me at gunpoint or promise you a lifetime of cake to do it. You’ll get a newsletter every day. That’s all I’m handing out. This ain’t Halloween, y’know? That information will be stored by my email handler. It will be stored securely there for as long as you are subscribed to my newsletter. I don’t know a thing about information that may or may not be stored by Word Press or any other part of this website because I don’t actually collect it. If you unsubscribe or ask to be forgotten, that will be respected, as it has always been, and you will stop receiving emails. Until you sign up again. See above.*

**Again, I am not personally collecting any data other than what is given when someone hits that subscribe button. It is then collected by the company I use to send newsletters. You don’t have to sign up for it. You have the right to complain about whatever you like, IF you are an EU citizen, to somebody in the EU. I don’t collect your data to sell it, I only collect data you give me so that I can send you newsletters. I will not share with outside parties purposefully.

Now that I’ve written a book here, instead of actually doing what I’m best at and writing proper books, I hope you understand that I am not rampantly collecting data, like the Cookie Monster hunting down cookies. I collect data you give me. I’ll do my best to protect it. If something happens, I’ll notify you, as soon as I figure out how. I won’t sell your data, I won’t trade it, and I won’t use it for anything other than what I’ve already written here, which is what you agree to by remaining on this site or by signing up for my newsletter. That’s my privacy policy anyway, but because of this law I now have to spell it out for you. Happy trails, folks. Good luck getting through all of these miles of privacy policies you’re now going to be forced to read.