Make sure to Vote on Tuesday, and This is How to Make it Painless

Dear American readers, friends, etc., whoever your gut is telling you to vote for, whoever has you fired up the most, or whether you just feel it is your duty to continue to use a right that people fought and died for, please use your right on Tuesday, November the 8th as you see fit. Vote your conscience, your heart, your gut, whatever you want to call it but please, take part in one of the freest ways of choosing a government in the world.

Don’t forget, it may not just be the president you are voting for, there could be state amendments, state politicians, and local election matters on that ballot. You give up so much when you choose to go by the election station. Please, use your right.

To make it easier I suggest finding out what, if any, you need to bring with you. Some only require your registration card, others want ID and the reg. card. Others may ask for something different. Using a website such as the one provided by Can I Vote? will give you the answers to not only what you need to vote, but where to vote, and the hours in which you can vote. Or do a search on your own, if that makes you feel more comfortable.

The first time I voted I had everything I needed because I kept everything in my wallet. That made life easier. Things have changed over time, though, and requirements vary. Most polling stations will be open late so you have time to get to the station but make your day easier by knowing where you have to go, what you need, and what options are available to you.

Thee may be a line, be prepared for that, but understand that patience is important here. Whether the voting booth contains an electronic machine, a pen and a piece of paper, or one of those funky machines where you have to move the tabs then pull a mechanical arm, it takes time. Some people may have to stand their for a while, making sure they’ve made the right choice for them, or may not understand a question. This is not a quick process for everyone, so bring your patience too.

And if you have no transportation, find out if anyone, or any company, organization, or anyone else is offering rides to the polling stations. I’ve seen that in some places. Getting there is important, the voting part is key. No matter which candidate is your choice, please, go vote. You’ve given up your own voice if you choose to not exercise that right. And what could be a loss for one could be changed by a single vote, it could be your vote. Without the entire eligible population voting, there is no true “people’s choice” in who our president is. So use your right, others don’t have that choice to make. Please don’t throw it away.

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